About Me

I am originally from Fort Worth , Texas , love horses and enjoy riding in many disciplines, as well as solving equine problems, generally training and dealing with horses. Given my love of horses, as you might expect people are an enigma to me, although I continually try my best to make myself understood. I am married to an English lady and have two children, a son in Texas and a daughter in England . I grew up in and around Fort Worth , Texas (aka "Cow Town" and a Horse Center) and the surrounding towns.

Over the years I gained an understanding of horses and apply what I have learned and experienced in remedial training, problem solving and improving confidence / communication between horses and riders.

  Lewis Blackburn
I consider myself fortunate to have a feel, empathy for horses. I see every horse as an individual character with its own quirky habits, likes and dislikes. I try to stay kind and even handed with every horse I encounter (even when explosions occur). I do not condone nor will I ever beat or reprimand a horse with anger or excess force. My work is not directed solely for English or Western riding styles as it is suited to improve any style / discipline and to improve overall communications.


My intentions are to deal, in a friendly, firm and natural way, with all breeds of horses with their worries/problems, also in helping riders/owners to better communicate to their horses what they have already learned (or are in the process of learning). I feel that it is essential to try and deal with horses in a firm, relaxed fashion by working more with the horse instead of against him.

Study / Education

I was originally and profoundly influenced by my Uncle Lodese, a true Horse Whisperer long before the term was popular. Then over many years and for a more expanded experience I was and continue to be influenced by a number of other trainers in the United States , Canada and Europe . As a result, I successfully deal with a wide variety of breeds and riding disciplines. I have been helping riders and their horses to build confidence for many years. I have conducted over 4,000 sessions in the UK alone. I solve their problems and worries in a firm and natural way, dealing with many breeds or horses and riders of many disciplines. I teach riders how to develop better “two way” communication with their horses by using firm / benevolent leadership whilst encouraging them to deal in a firm / relaxed fashion - working with their horses rather than against them. I continue to learn from the thousands of horses that I meet and deal with.