Quality components are used to handcraft tools for use with Natural Savvy Training and Horsemanship techniques. My equipment is not intended as safety equipment, but rather as communication tools meant for developing a partnership with your horse. Having the correct tools without sufficient training in how to use them is a recipe for trouble: do not attempt to use these tools without first receiving proper instruction / supervision by professional instructors.

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Materials for Rope Halters, Mecate Style Reins (aka Rope Hackamores), 12' Lead Ropes and 22' Long Ropes are high grade marine quality (water and salt resistant) braid on braid (English braid) nylon rope which is easily washable and are very long life products . Diameter of the 12' and 22' ropes is 12mm -- the rope halter diameter is 6mm. Colors generally available are white, navy blue and black (other colors available on special order) .Color for Slobber Straps, Chin Straps & Curb Straps is dark Brown English leather (Black on special order).

horseman rope halters

Rope Halters are made from the high quality marine grade nylon 6 mm rope and are tied with a Fiador Knot to prevent twisting and for ease in fitting adjustment. These halters are thin enough to encourage the horse not to lean on them yet soft enough to get total comfort when yielding from pressure. They are made with no metal material touching the horse's face.

A haltered horse should not be left unattended in the interest of avoiding injury.

rope halter with mecate style reins (aka, rope hackamore )

Designed to be used 80% for riding and 20% for ground uses and promotes quick release when the horse gives / releases resistance. (Hackamore means bitless bridle) The rope hackamore helps to teach a horse to follow a feel in order that when a bit is introduced or reintroduced, he is ready to respond to it willingly with understanding. Bits are for communication – not for control as are halters.
The Mecate Style Reins (pronounced muh-caw-tee) are made from the high grade marine quality nylon 12 mm rope. These reins are normally between 20-22 feet long. Approximately 8-10 feet are used for the looped reins and an optional 10 feet may be used as a lead rope or popper when in the saddle or may be omitted in order to accommodate English or other saddles without a saddle horn to attach it to. If it is desired to have the lead rope included when using a saddle without a saddle horn, then it is a common practice to put the lead rope end through the rider's belt / belt loop or tuck it into the waist of the trousers, which is purely personal preference.

Mecate Style reins may be attached to a rope halter or may be used with Slobber Straps connected to the rings of most bits. The Slobber Straps protect the reins and their added weight helps provide a light contact and quick release whether riding or training.

High quality marine grade rope has its advantages by being kind to the hands and easily allowed to slide through the hands under controlled release pressure. It is easily washable and has an extremely long life.


Mecate Style Reins are an excellent training device & riding aid. Here’s why I like them:

The weight of the reins on a rope halter or with the Slobber Straps on a bit provides an instant release when working with a horse. The release is the reward that the horse is seeking when you ask for something, whether training or riding out.
You can teach a horse to neck rein significantly better with mecate reins than with traditional reins.
You can use the optional lead rope with popper to make a correction while in the saddle.
When riding out, you can use the optional lead rope to tie your horse safely or use as a lead rope. You can’t do this with any other headstall, rein, and bit combination that I know of.
When schooling your horse, if you want to get off and make a correction or longe your horse – you have the lead rope attached and you are ready to go.

slobber straps (aka, rein leathers)

Give you and your horse one of the best training / riding queuing aids available. Slobber Straps / Rein Leathers provide added weight for a better rapid release when working with a bit to reward the horse for appropriate behavior. They provide protection for your reins (Mecate and/or other). They are made from exceptional quality materials – high quality English leather, shaped 2” wide x 18” long (9” when folded). They have a hole with a slit to make it easy to slide mecates through.
The Slobber Straps are folded and fit through the rings on the bit. They are designed to be used with a bit that has at least 3” rings so that there is room for the headstall, Slobber Straps and a chin strap to prevent accidentally pulling the bit through the mouth


22’ training rope

Made of the same high grade marine quality materials as used for the halters,
with an optional leather popper on one end of the rope, in 12 mm
diameter it is easy to hold coiled in one hand whilst using the loose end in
the other hand for training. There are no metal connectors which can bang against the jaw or muzzle.

leather chin & curb strap

The Chin and/or Curb Straps are made from high quality English leather, with buckles for easy adjustment. Chin straps are good for protecting the horse's teeth when moving a bit to the side and most horses find a chin strap very comfortable.

Balance Strap For English Saddles

Shu Flies


equipment prices

(prices quoted without shipping, any required postal costs will be added)

Rope Halters…FROM… £38.00
Rope Hackamores…FROM… £50.00 w/o lead rope, +£10.00 w/ lead rope
Rolled Noseband for Rope halter or Rope Hackamore…FROM…£10.00
Slobber Straps (aka Rein Leathers):…FROM… £40.00 (per pair)
Leather Chin Straps …FROM…£15.00
12' Braid on Braid 12mm Lead Rope: £28.00 with a leather popper
22' Braid on Braid 12mm Long Line: £43.00 with a leather popper
Leather English Balance Strap (Saddle D ring Strap)…FROM…£30.00
Whip Whops (avg 30") 2 strands 13mm English braid on braid £15.00
Shu Flies for attachment to cinch / girth ring...FROM…£15.00