Training History & Evolution

History of Training / Breaking Original Intimidation methods (such as the USA Cavalry and many ranchers used) were inefficient and lost an average of 3 out of 10 horses they tried to break. They did not feel that they had the time needed to do it naturally and did it with intimidation and force.

Natural Style, was more efficient, i.e. 10 of 10 saved (originally Mongolians who then passed it down to the American Indians learned the natural ways from the horses, although their true ultimate motive was for their own self preservation in war and hunting). To them, Communication and/or Partnership with the horse was more important than in was viewed by most others during 1700 -1900 times.

Tom Dorrance, Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Troy Henry and others brought these lessons to the Western American horsemen in the 20th Century. Ray Hunt was predominantly the man responsible for generally popularizing the natural methods. Mark Rashid has done well in spreading the consideration of the horse’s point of view World Wide and Monty Roberts did a lot in causing the English people to become more aware.

No trainer is perfect and none should claim to be otherwise.

Trainers learn from every horse they meet and none should claim otherwise.